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Windows Server 2008 R2:革新功能,先睹为快

2008年11月9日 编辑:Vista之家 - Mary Jane 人气: 评论:0

Vista之家 Server 2008 R2:革新功能,先睹为快

 微软近日在PDC大会上展示的Windows Server 2008 R2,是对Windows Server 2008的一次重要版本和功能升级。这个版本融入了一些非常吸引人的特性,让我们来先睹为快:


· 支持实时迁移(Live Migration)的Hyper-V 2.0

Hyper-V 2.0 smoothes VM management with fewer user impacts via Live Migration and Dynamic Memory. Customers will be able to host more VMs per server with reduced overhead and deploy more powerful VMs with support for 4 cores and 64 GB of RAM per VM.


· 大于64个CPU内核的支持

User will be able to scale up critical resource-intensive workloads with support for >64 processor cores.


· 电源管理增强

Lower power utilization with core parking, remote power policies and improved SAN power management will help customer to lower power utilization.


· 直接访问(Direct Access DA)

Dissolving the DMZ as we know it, DA allows end-users to seamlessly access files, data or use a line of business applications that requires access to corporate network resources from any Internet location without the traditional hassle of manually connecting a VPN. DA abstracts the VPN complexity for the end user while ensuring security compliance and enforces remote employees or guests to remain current with a seamless connected management experience with lower TCO.


· 分支办公室功能增强

BranchCache reduces the bandwidth consumed by users for intranet based HTTP and SMB traffic and improves end user experience by serving frequently accessed content from within the branch office network. BranchCache works with security technology such as SSL and IPSEC and doesn’t require the additional network equipment within branch offices.


· DHCP故障转移

New in R2, DHCP Failover feature allows administrators to plan and deploy a High Resiliency DHCP environment based on Windows DHCP servers. This should also act as the platform for building a Windows IP Management Solution, which provides a holistic experience to administrators in managing their DHCP infrastructure.



DNSSEC is a suite of extensions to the DNS protocol designed to provide origin authority of DNS data, data integrity, and authenticated denial of existence. The overall scenario for DNSSSEC Support on the Client is that of a corporate client connecting to the network while within the corporate environment. The traffic on this connection is managed to ensure that while connecting to corporate resources, the connection is using DNSSEC and is secured by IPSEC.



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