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OQO,这个产生硬件艺术的怪物,发布了Model02,不足1磅,绝对世界最轻量级别的Windows PC笔记本。不必因为它小,就担心他的计算能力,其诸多创新特别,让你怦然心动。5寸WVGA模式的液晶显示屏,1.5ghz处理器, 60GB硬盘, 1GB的内存,而且,采用的是Windows Vista操作系统。内置无线接入模块,超长待机时间,价格?价格只有1499-1849美金,人民币升值了,这个,中国人也能接受的价格了。



Care for the smallest Windows Vista PC? At under 1 lb, The Model 02 running Vista is the most portable Windows Vista gadget in the market. Created and manufactured by OQO, the world’s smallest laptop has enough power to provide most of your computing needs.      OQO describes their coolest gadget as:    Pocket Mobility    Weighing a mere one pound, the model 02 features innovations including 5″ sliding WVGA LCD screen, integrated thumb keyboard and track stick, and capacitive TouchScrollers™.    Full Performance    Available with 1.5GHz CPU, 60GB HDD, and 1GB RAM, the model 02 computer supports Microsoft’s next generation operating system, Windows Vista™ for anytime/anywhere productivity.     Built-in Wireless    The model 02 delivers extended and uncompromised access to the internet, email, and business applications with the built-in EV-DO WWAN option.     The price ranges from $1,499 to $1,849, a very good value for a portable device.



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