K-Lite Codec Pack 4.2.4 Beta解码包最新版下载

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 K-Lite Codec Pack 最新测试版4.2.4 Beta刚刚发布了,软件再次升级。K-Lite Codec Pack为您提供绝大多数影音格式的解码器,装了它,您的播放器就可以通吃绝大多数的影音格式。标准版包括了播放当今绝大多数能在网上免费下载到、播放影 音文件所需的解码器;完全版则包括对更多不常用文件格式的支持并附带了一个媒体播放器。

Latest Changes:

  • - Added Media Player Classic Home Cinema version 1.1.840. This version of MPC has some new functionality. Such as internal DXVA decoders for H.264 and VC-1 video, and support for the video renderer EVR. At this moment the regular version of MPC is still i
  • - Please read the FAQ if you want to use the DXVA functionality of MPC-HC. All requirements to make it work are explained in there
  • - Updated Media Player Classic to version rev. 82
  • - Updated ffdshow to revision 2202
  • - Removed libtheora and tremor plugins for ffdshow. Libavcodec is used instead
  • - Updated LAME MP3 ACM codec to version 3.98.2
  • - Updated MediaInfo Lite to version
  • - When creating file associations for WMP/BS.Player/ZoomPlayer, the icon of the player is used as filetype icon. The MPC style icons are now only used when associating files to MPC
  • - Minor changes


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 解码包 4.2.4 Beta




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