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“NoPE”组织发布的破解方法可以称得上一次飞跃,因为它发布的Vista不但已经完全破解和激活,而且随时可以升级更新,甚至在安装的时候也无需输入序列号,也就是说直接从镜像安装后就可以自由使用,一个多余操作都没有.显然,这比盗版Windows XP都要来得简单,毕竟后者一般都还得在安装过程中输入一次序列号.





Pirates release fully cracked Vista install 

DISCUSSING PIRATED software is still fairly taboo within the press, but sometimes a scene release is worthy of note, despite the influx of staunch anti-piracy e-mails that will flood our in-box. Don't forget, we don't support piracy, we're only reporting the news.
A widely available release, located at the usual pirate havens, from a scene group entitled 'NoPE' (which doesn't appear to have released much else) has quickly become the most highly sought-after asset of eye-patched, peg-legged, shoulder-mounted-parrot pirate types.

Vista has been leaked in every conceivable form and in all its various releases and flavours, but has still remained difficult to crack for the average swashbuckling black-beard.

Various timer programs forcing the activation to hold off indefinitely and other cracks haven't come close to the efficiency of the recent OEM BIOS emulation tool-kit that has floated about - but which is significantly more difficult to use that a 'normal' crack or serial.

The NoPE release has a major key difference to other previous pirated copies of Vista - it is completely cracked, the product appears activated, updates work, and no key needs to be entered, straight from the installation media without any effort on the part of the pirate.

We presume that the hackers have managed to replace the Vista image on the DVD, with the pre-cracked version. Microsoft moved to an image-based install with Microsoft Vista, as opposed to the usual convoluted set up process.

Several readers have reported it working perfectly.

It's taken a few months since the launch of Windows Vista, but the product now seems to be successfully cracked, and even simpler to install than previous leaked copies of WindowsXP - which always required a serial.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft's new anti-piracy measures, coupled with Windows Update, will be able to counter-measure this new release, even so, now the pirates have found a method to install pre-cracked versions on the installation media, Microsoft will have a significant fight on its hands to keep Vista piracy-free.



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