Desktop Icon Toy V3.2 - 让Vista桌面图标动起来

2008年7月13日 编辑:Vista之家 - Mary Jane 人气: 评论:0

Vista之家 Icon Toy V3.2 - 让Vista桌面图标动起来

 Desktop Icon Toy 是一款小巧的桌面图标增强工具。用户可以为桌面图标增加动画效果,并设置动画形式的图标排列方式。用户还可以去掉桌面图标下的文字说明,或者锁定图标的位置。

Desktop Icon Toy is an easy to use desktop icon enhancement tool, which allows you to make many funny but useful patterns out of your windows desktop icons. You can change and restore their layout with just a couple of quick mouse clicks.

Apr 26, 2008, Release version 3.2

Added - Show/hide icon text on demand, the similar to icon hiding
Added - Swap secondary monitor icons in primary monitor
Added - Option to lock Desktop Icon Toy tray icon
Added - Option to disable Windows arrange icon menu items
Removed - Blink, shake and show/hide icon text hover effects
Fixed - Tooltip will be displayed correctly in multiple monitors

Fixed - Background color work well in Vista






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