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Vista之家 Final - Vista最佳音乐播放器下载


Windows 平台下的高级音频播放器.包含了一些播放增益支持、低内存占用等基本特色以及内置支持一些流行的音频格式.
* Ability to view/edit queries used to create autoplaylists.
* Media Library Search: queries using “SORT BY” create always-sorted autoplaylists by default.
* File format handling updates:
- Security updates to Vorbis, Speex, FLAC and WavPack libraries.
- Fixed a rare Ogg seeking accuracy bug.
- Improved MP4 parser security.
* Converter improvements:
- No longer aborts the entire operation when one of queued tracks can't be processed.
- Optional status log popup after conversion.
* Album List: ability to select multiple items at once by holding shift or control keys.
* New built-in DSPs: Crossfader, Skip Silence.

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Release notes:

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