ATI Tray Tools v1.4.7.1201 Beta 多国语言版-显卡优化

2008年6月24日 编辑:Vista之家 - Mary Jane 人气: 评论:0

Vista之家 Tray Tools v1.4.7.1201 Beta 多国语言版-显卡优化

 这是一个非常强大的ATI显卡优化工具,运行后显示在系统图标区,并提供Direct3D、OpenGL、显示设置、显示属性等优化设定。同时也可以方便的对单个游戏进行配置以适应不同游戏的需要(例如:FPS游戏需要关闭垂直同步来获得最大帧数,而模拟游戏就需要打开它以免速度过快,即使碰到太亮或太暗的游戏也不用担心,只要搭配颜色设置文件来玩就行了).在Tweak选项中更提供了Pixel Shader2.1的支援。强大的插件功能,可以随时显示硬盘温度及cpu占用率等。
[F] Fixed localization bugs for CrossFire dialog window
Updated ini files handling procedures to be more compatible with Windows Vista
Improved compatiblity with IE7 under Vista with UAC enabled.
[+] Added new localizations
[+] Added option to change "Black and White level"
[F] Fixed OSD rendering problem with Overlord game. (Thanks to Unwinder)
[+] Updated Overlay color handling procedure to support new ATI Overlay color modes
[+] Implemented Save/Restore icon positions under WinXP 64 and Vista 64.
[+] Updated suppot for Adaptive AntiAliasing. Added support Multi-Samplinmg and Super-Sampling modes
[+] Monitoring Graphs window now can be sent to system tray.
[+] Added option to auto load Monitoring Graphs window at start up
[+] Added option to hide tray icon on load. You can restore icon to access settings by
starting ATT again. This will not load second copy of ATT in memory, but will send command to show tray icon. Also
added new hotkey to hide and show tray icon.
[+] Added configuration option hide_display to hide Displays menu.
[F] Fixed bug when settings for Crossfire can not be applied
[+] Implemented support for HD 2xxx/3xxx video boards. Overclocking, Monitoring, fan control.
Big thanks to Unwinder for help!
[+] Implemented support for new AntiAliasing filter modes for HD 2xxx/3xxx video boards
[+] Added workaround to fix resume from suspend mode bug
[+] Now ATT can restore last used 3D profile after restart. You can enable this behavior in General Options
[+] New Monitoring Graphs and OSD plugins. "AMD Cpu CoreTemp" and "Intel CoreTemp" This plugin allows to read
Core temperatures on AMD 64 CPU's including Dual Core versions and on Intel Core2 (Duo/Quad)
[+] New OSD plugin. CPU Load%. Can show cpu load percentage for all available cores or cpu's
[+] Implemented 3D detection for DirectX10 applications
[+] New option in Auto overclocking window : "Apply to all game profiles". Enabling this option tells ATT to
Apply 2d/3d profiles to all game profiles regardless to the game profile settings.
Improved ScreenShot routine for DirectX9 games and applications
[+] Added ScreenShots capture ability for DX10 games and applications
[+] Implemented support for DirectX10 games in OSD and FlashOSD modules.




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