Vopt v8.18 多国语言版 - 快速小巧磁盘整理 支持Vista

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硬盘长时间安装软件或者删除文件变的凌乱,这样不仅硬盘存取资料速度变慢也会影响系统效率,虽可以利用Windown内附的磁盘整理程序来整理硬盘,但速度并不是很快,想找其它Windown用的磁盘整理程序取代,Vopt可将分裂在硬盘上不同扇区的文件快速和安全的重整,帮你节省更多时间。 Vopt 完全支持Windows Vista操作系统。

快速- 节省更多您的宝贵时间;
安全- 保护您宝贵的数据;
容易- 您能更容易的操作它;
强有力- 包括为检查您的系统和清理一些不需要的垃圾.

Vopt lets you defrag and pack your disk drive to maintain optimal performance and reliability. Vopt's speed makes daily defragging both practical and desirable. Vopt also provides tools to assist you in maintaining your system, reclaiming wasted disk space, and protecting your privacy. This version of Vopt provides the following new features and benefits:

Enhanced defragging and packing algorithms for better performance--up to 35% faster than version 7.
Added capabilities for defragging NTFS meta files and streams.
Support for drive partitions to 8.2 terrabytes.
Fast cleanup tools for deleting unused data and sensitive information from your disk drives.
New options for scheduling automatic defragmentation.
Subscriptions tool for managing cookies from subscription sites.
Enhanced user friendly displays.

* Metafiles, including the MFT (Master File Table), are automatically defragged as part of normal defragmentation. In rare cases, the drive configuration may not permit complete defragmentation of the MFT.
* Pagefiles can be defragmented from the Tools>Defrag menu.
* Advanced Windows versions (2000+) do not allow FAT32 folders to be moved. This can impact your system's performance and prevent complete defragging. If you have FAT32 partitions, your best bet is to convert these partitions to NTFS. See the Tools->System->Convert menu tool.
* Be sure to checkout the Tools->Settings menu. There are many useful options which can enhance your Vopt experience.
* Note that as you move the mouse over the Tools menu selections, Vopt's status line displays a brief description of the menu item.
* International support - The Help menu includes a language selection option which lets you select from the languages currently supported by Vopt. Most non-US languages require that you have installed Microsoft's international font package on your system. Some require that your system is localized for that language. If you do not have the proper font installed, you will see funny looking characters.

Incremental improvements in supporting the use of international fonts are added with each new release of Vopt.

* Maximum partition size: 8.2 terabytes (8,797,380,783,202 bytes) for volumes formatted with a 4096 byte cluster size. Larger cluster sizes will increase capacity.
* Maximum files per partition: 2,147,483,647.
* Maximum folders per partition: 16,777,215.

· Fast - When used regularly, it finishes in a few minutes.
· Safe - Your disk data is fully protected.
· Easy - You can choose manual or automatic defragmentation--daily or weekly.
· Powerful - Includes great tools for tuning your system and cleaning-up unwanted trash.

~使用简体需要“"Arial Unicode MS" 或者 "@Arial Unicode MS"”字体~

~Support for Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista~


Vopt v8.18 for Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista 官方下载:



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