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Surprise! IE8 beta is going to be available for download starting today at 12:00 PST. Matthew Lapsen from the IE team gave me a spur of the moment demo for you all showing us some of the core features that power users will enjoy. Keep in mind that this is a developer preview of IE8, so the way it looks may change a little.

A couple highlights I think you'll really like include Activities and Webslices. Activities include doing a contextual search from something highlighted on a website. Webslices are the ability to track a specific section of a site, like a custom RSS feed. So you could make a button on the top of your browser that tracks an eBay auction or the status of our friends on Facebook. 

就在刚才国内3月6日凌晨两点(美国3月5日10点)前,IE8正在MIX08上面面向大众作秀。Vista之家国内首家报导,上面的英文文字想必大家都看明白了,第一句话就说太平洋时间的3月5日12点整,也就是中国大陆的3月6日凌晨4点,IE 8.0 beta 1版将正式提供下载,其实,本文发布的时候,也就是3月6日国内时间凌晨2:40,IE8已经可以下载啦!详见:IE 8.0 beta1下载,四种语言含IE8简体中文版下载地。下面的都是关于IE8的功能特性介绍,已经有中文的翻译介绍:IE8 Beta1新功能大揭秘,相比IE7大有进步不过,3月6日2:40可以下载的,貌似就只有英文版。


IE8下载地址请看刚才的文章:IE 8.0 beta1下载,四种语言含IE8简体中文版下载地址




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