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Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 全新发布!Vista之家了解到大家在windows vista下面分区的痛苦,赶紧抓来共大家分享!

惊人的容积,Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0竟然有60M之多,下载安装后,发现其内部已经整合四大硬盘分区类工具包:

1、Acronis Partition Expert :大家对这个名字熟悉吧,先前Vista之家刚刚介绍过用它来调整硬盘分区大小的办法,这个软件用来更改分区大小,移动硬盘分区,拷贝复制硬盘分区,硬盘分区分割,硬盘分区合并,绝对无损硬盘数据。 
 2、Acronis OS Selector :硬盘安装多系统有福了,用它来控制多启动界面。 
 3、Acronis Recovery Expert :强悍的工具,用来扫描和恢复丢失的分区
 4、Acronis Disk Editor:硬盘修复工具,比较专业,允许对硬盘磁盘进行高级操作,利润硬盘引导记录表操作和16进制编辑,强悍吧?


Windows 98 SE
Windows Me
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP 6
Windows 2000 Professional SP 4
Windows XP SP 2
Windows Vista


Acronis Disk Director Suite v10.0.2160 正式版下载页面:http://www.vista123.com/vista/457.html, 安装时候需要输入注册号(序列号)。 如有解压密码,统一为 www.vista123.com

因版权问题,Vista之家www.vista123.com)不提供Acronis Disk Director Suite v10.0.x 的注册机(keygen)下载。


 Acronis Disk Director Suite is the ideal tool in the combination with Acronis True Image backup. Here's how you can take advantage of these two products together:

Create individual partitions for your system and your data using Acronis Disk Director Suite.
Image your system partition using Acronis True Image only before applying system changes, such as installing new software and the like.
And make scheduled data backups from your data partition by selecting specific files you need to backup.
Thus, using the combination of two great Acronis products you will always have an image of your system and backup of your data. This will greatly save you time and reduce your storage requirements.

Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 adds new key features making it easier than ever before to modify your partition structure and boot new operating systems. 
 New! Split partitions — Split one partition into two and leave your data intact 
 New! Merge partitions — Merge two partitions into one and leave your data untouched, even if file systems on the partitions are different 
 New! Explore partitions — Windows-like explorer interface to view partition data before performing partitioning operations 
 New! Boot from an additional hard disk drive — Select the hard disk drive you want to boot from 
 New! Boot from CD/DVD — Insert a bootable CD/DVD and it will automatically be detected and displayed as a boot option by Acronis OS Selector 
 New! Automatic operating system detection — Detect operating systems that became unbootable due to some accidental reasons with the Acronis OS Selector detection tool

System requirements
A PC-compatible computer with a Pentium or similar CPU
128 MB RAM
A floppy or a CD-RW/DVD-RW drive
A mouse (recommended)

Supported operating systems
Windows 98 SE
Windows Me
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP 6
Windows 2000 Professional SP 4
Windows XP SP 2
Windows Vista



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